My specialty is life transitions. Life's bookends of birthing including fertility and conception, pregnancy and postpartum support, and conscious dying including end of life support. To live is to experience change.

Transitions large and small have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual implications. Moving, children leaving home, divorce, breakups, job changes, loss of friends or family, etc. We all go through these times and in these moments choose how we are impacted: do you grow, isolate, resent, adapt, freeze, or learn? As someone who has experienced a great deal of conscious transitions, chosen or not, I am able to help and support you through them. We learn together how you want to navigate.


Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine therapies are helpful in navigating fertility weather naturally or in assistance to other medical interventions. By supporting pregnancy, and restoring nourishment postpartum, we help every step of the way. Feel taken care of, pampered, supported through difficulties, concerns and changes.

Life & Changes

Life's needs, changes, aches and pains

If you have symptoms, we have the ability to diagnose and treat you! We have remedies for visible or invisible concerns associated with all aspects of living.

To live is to feel, change, lose and grow. Find support with us.


Conscious Dying and End of Life Care

Through both Chinese Medicine Death and Dying training and a Conscious Death Coaching education from the Conscious Dying Institute, I support this time for individuals and their families. Learn about what means most for you at the end, receive palliative care and feel your spirit accept the shift.

You are not alone.