Dr. Cassandra Havenor


Dr. Cassandra Havenor


Licensed Acupuncturist - LAc

Doctor of Chinese Medicine - DCM

Master of Acupuncture – MAc



I am a licensed acupuncturist and a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. My Bachelor's degree is in Consciousness Based Elementary Education with a Minor in Sustainable Living from Maharishi University of Management. I received my Doctorate of Chinese Medicine and Masters of Acupuncture from Northwestern Health Sciences University.  I have had the honor of serving patients in many settings including my own clinic, community style clinics, hospitals, volunteer settings and rehabilitation centers since January, 2018. 

My specialty is life transitions. Life's bookends of birthing including fertility and conception, pregnancy and postpartum support, and conscious dying including end of life support. To live is to have change. Transitions large and small have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual implications. Moving, children leaving home, divorce, breakups, job changes, loss of friends or family, etc. We all go through these times and in these moments choose how we are impacted: do you grow, isolate, resent, adapt, freeze, learn? As someone who has experienced a great deal of conscious transitions, chosen or not, I am able to help and support you through them. 


Coming to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine was born from a long history of suffering from migraines. I deeply understand the debilitating pain and lifestyle limitations that accompany it firsthand. Due to these experiences and the relief I found with acupuncture, I strive to bring relief to others with the only tool that ever worked for me. Additionally I grew a deep and meaningful connection to the natural world and the elements by immersing myself in a year long nature awareness and survival skills program. After studying wildness and nature myself, I taught the skills I learned to children for many years and lead the kid’s camp at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference for four years. Through these experiences I gained a deep appreciation and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which sees the body as a microcosm of the elemental world to explain and understand balance and health. The natural component of Chinese Medicine has helped me to  relate to it in a personal way through my experience in my own body and through my work in the natural world.

In my personal time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, outside, gardening, boating, learning, biking and playing board games. I live with my partner and our silly cockapoo puppy, Otis.