Does it hurt? Let’s be frank. Nobody wants needles stuck in their body – unless it’s for a really great tattoo (or better health, of course). And while we don’t have tattoos, we can tell you that 17 acupuncture needles fit inside a hypodermic needle. So we’re talking hair-thin.


We’ll let Raffael describe his experience:

“I was a bit scared to begin with; someone poking needles into me. I went to get my treatment and everything just happened. Before I knew it, I had needles in me and was lying there super relaxed.”

Others describe it as: “Tingling.” “A dull/aching feeling, then nothing.” “Buzzing energy running through my body.” How many sessions will I need? Acupuncture is not a quick-fix, however most people will feel an improvement in their condition after the first session. Since we’ve provided thousands of treatments to patients over the last five years, you can count on a course of treatment that will help you get better as quickly as possible. Why do I have so many problems at my age? We see a lot of young professionals with a variety of symptoms – digestive, insomnia, pain – you name it. The reasons can be many, but one of the common patterns we see is overwork. Not a diagnosis you’ll come across in western medicine, is it? While this may or may not apply to you, the underlying issue is one of imbalance. Our job is to figure out where your particular imbalance is, and treat it from that deeper place, so that all those seemingly unrelated symptoms can clear up. What does it cost? Our fees are listed here and here. We also accept insurance plans that cover acupuncture. To check your benefits, just fill out this form. If you are paying out of pocket, we offer a great discount for your treatment series – just ask. What is acupuncture good for? How does it work? Or even… Does it work? To answer the first question, acupuncture is good for just about any health issue humans have and will ever experience. That’s because Chinese medicine is not just a “tool” but rather, an entire system of medicine that views our health – our particular pain, our stress, the fact that we catch colds more often than our friends – with the bigger picture in mind. So if you’re wondering if it’s good for your problem, you can bet the answer is… absolutely!To answer the second question: In a nutshell, the placement of acupuncture needles at specific points on the body sends all sorts of signals that stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanism. For a more in-depth overview, visit the California State Oriental Medical Association’s FAQ page. As for the third question? We’ll let the last 5000 years of empirical evidence answer that! The more science-minded can check out the many research articles available from respected journals, like this one and this one.   How is Remedy different from other acupuncture clinics? While Remedy shares a lot of the same philosophies and goals of many acupuncture practices, you might find that we’re particularly Western medicine-friendly here. We also consider ourselves a general clinic but have advanced training and experience in fertility, pain and difficult health conditions that aren’t responding to conventional medicine. Will I have to stop eating chocolate, drinking my favorite Scotch, playing roller derby…? Not necessarily. Enjoying life’s pleasures is good for our health… except when it’s “too much of a good thing.” We generally promote the practice of moderation, and will tailor recommendations to help you meet your health goals. Have more questions? Drop us a line!